The programme to offer booster Covid vaccines to eligible groups is under way. In this phase, more jabs are being given in the large vaccination centres and pharmacies, and fewer via our practice-based service. This is to help us concentrate on the current exceptional need for care that exists for our patients (and all patients in the NHS). You do not need to have your booster at the same site where you had your first jabs.

If you are eligible and able to get to a large vaccination site please do so, so that we can offer practice-based or local centre vaccination to those with greatest mobility or transport issues.

We are contacting eligible patients for our local service in due course but are concentrating on those who are most frail and vulnerable. If you can make use of one of the other services this will help us greatly, and may also mean you get your booster sooner.

As before, housebound patients will be offered their boosters through community services.

We know from our own patient experiences that vaccinated patients have a much lesser illness if they catch Covid, broadly comparable to someone 30 years younger. If you have declined your offer of a vaccine, please reconsider. We will welcome you with pleasure. Please submit a Contact Us request on this website and we will get in touch. We will help you with honest and accurate advice. Get yourself safe, protect your loved ones and help avoid further lockdowns.

If you have a question that cannot be answered from the information on this page, please use the Contact Us link on this website to ask us, instead of phoning us. We will aim to respond as soon as possible and within a week at the latest.

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